Work exchange in Tunisia – A day in the life [blog 4]

Meow that’s what I call music!

Ahem. Ok, today was my first day of work exchange in Tunisia. I’m working with a host couple who raises chickens (and a few other plants and animals) on their property.

Today was pretty chill. Interesting things of note:

  • I did about 75 minutes of work. My previous Workaways have often exceeded the 5 hour supposed maximum
  • The police station in town has a bird cage
  • The bar does not allow women or alcohol (not surprising in a Muslim country)
  • Apparently if you dig around the dirt you will probably find ancient Roman artifacts

Ok cool! Here’s the full rundown of my day. Hold on to your seats!

10:00 – Wake up

10:30 – The local police request that I register with them at the station. These guys are good! I got into town last night at 6, bought some cookies, and went straight to my host’s house. I later find out that tourists do not visit this town. In fact, the only foreigners who come to this town are friends and family of my host family. Which probably explains how the police knew where to find me once they caught wind of a foreigner in town. I guess.

10:45 – The police chief examines my passport. He asks if it is an Indian passport, because of my big ass Indian visa taking up a whole page. There is some further confusion, owing to the language barrier (his English is good but not perfect), but I show him the American page and we’re good to go. “Welcome to Tunisia,” he says.

11:00 – I return to my host house. I plant zuchini for 30 minutes.

11:30 – I water various plants for 45 minutes.


Afternoon – We have lunch, I take a nap, I drive around with as he runs some errands. I sit in the car and play ukulele. K shows me his family’s farmland. K shows me some casual Roman ruins that he says are 2,000 years old. He doesn’t speak as much English as his wife, by the way, so we don’t talk much. I am learning Italian pretty quickly though.IMG_20170510_151534.jpg

6pm – K takes me into town to the bar to watch the first half of the Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid champions league game. There is no alcohol or women allowed in the bar. People here tend to favor espresso, Coca-Cola, and cigarettes.

7:30 – Dinner back at the host house. Some Italian TV. That’s it!

Comments? Questions?

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