Ever wanted to see 1,000 chickens in a room? Also, vegetarianism. [daily blog 8]

I’ve been doing a Workaway on a chicken farm, and luckily, today, on my last day, the chickens arrived! These chicks were born this morning.

As far as newborn animals go, chickens are pretty functional. From Day 1 they run around, snuggle, eat, drink, peck each other, run on top of each other, flap their wings uselessly, and generally they try to explore/escape their confines. They seem pretty intelligent for 1-day-olds.

Actually, why is there a popular conception that chickens are dumb? (Ok, I just Googled it – they’re not dumb at all). I have a theory:

  1. We think chickens are dumb because we want to believe chickens are dumb, because it makes us feel better about eating them like all the time.
  2. We think chickens are dumb because they run around all funny with their heads cut off. This one makes less sense.

I don’t believe in vegetarianism. I mean, I support it when other people do it, but I would just rather eat a moderate, reasonable amount of meat instead of forgoing it altogether. During my week in Tunisia, I ate a moderate amount of meat. I didn’t have meat every day. Did I miss it? Not really. In fact, it made the meat that I did eat more juicy and delicious. I think us Americans eat too much meat. There needs to be a name for someone who just eats a reasonable amount of meat in their diet. Or maybe McDonald’s just needs to stop.

Alrighty then. Sometimes you have revelations, sometimes you state the obvious. Anywho, here are some pictures of cute little chicks from today. Btw, did you know that there are no McDonald’s’s in Tunisia? The Tunisian government wanted them to source their food from Tunisia farms, and McDonald’s wanted to import it from America. So yeah, no McDonald’s in Tunisia.


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