Switzerland on Shrooms

Occurred: July 2016

It’s now harder to buy magic mushrooms in Amsterdam, but foreigners are still welcome to buy truffles, a different type of fungus that contains the same hallucinogen as magic mushrooms: psilocybin. 

Backpacking through Europe in July, 2016, I found myself alone in Switzerland with a bag full of truffles, and I decided to take the train from downtown Interlaken halfway up to an alpine garden called Schynige Platte and then hike the rest of the way.

I documented the 3-4 hour hike on Instagram. Here it is reproduced. Follow me on Instagram for more like this!

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Switzerland on shrooms part 4 – I am 1 hour and 45 minutes in and finally found a spot to lie down and stare at Interlaken, Lake Brienz in all its neon glory, and of course the clouds, which produced some mild visuals. I was also hearing a constant chorus of cowbell from the farm below, where all cows wear cowbells so the farmer can find them if they wander off. Here on the ledge I wrote down some of my thoughts, which were bursting out of me, I.e: "Life is about family, sure. But why? Because the ingredients for family are love, but also anger, passion!" I waved at the few groups of hikers who stopped to admire the view and commented in German… #shrooms #Switzerland #hiking #trip #interlaken #nature #deepthoughts

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Switzerland on Shrooms (Epilogue): I walked down from Schynige Platte to Breitlaunen, and when I finally emerged from the woods I had to cross this stretch of trail that crosses a pig farm. Two of the pigs, seeing me, snorted loudly and charged at me. Luckily the shrooms had worn off, and I quickly opened the gate and closed it behind me just as the pigs were about 10 feet away. I then turned around and took this picture just as the pigs resumed eating shit in the dirt. I can only guess as to why they charged, but I'd say they were being protective of the younger pigs (at left, not pictured). Ironically, these pigs probably felt the same anger and passion about their family that I had mused about (and written down) during my shrooms trip (see Part 3 or 4). If there's a moral here it's that pigs are scary as fuck and psilosiybin is completely harmless and in fact therapeutic when consumed responsibly. Hope you enjoyed reading! If you visit Amsterdam be sure to try the truffles while in nature. #pigs #shrooms #switzerland #moral #nature #tripping #truffles #amsterdam #backpacking

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