4 cheap and exotic countries for backpacking [011]

After 15 months of backpacking  around the world, I’m lucky to have experienced some amazing places. Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order.



I took this picture in Penang, which is an incredible city for street art. Malaysia, in general, is less touristy than its northern neighbor, Thailand, and it’s just as beautiful. Go hiking in Cameron Highlands and diving in the Perhentian Islands.



Croatia is for chasing waterfalls. I forget where I took this picture. But the ultimate waterfall experience is at Plitvice Lakes. An affordable island experience can be had on Hvar.




The USA is big enough that parts of it are still “exotic”, or at least unknown, to me. This is Colorado.




India lived up to its reputation as crowded and poverty-riddled, but not in the south. This picture I took of a tea plantation in Kerala shows the other side of India.

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