Where to sleep in LA: Walmart parking lot vs the cheapest Airbnb [blog 010]

Los Angeles, CA:

Looking for a cheap hostel in LA? Most are in the $35-$50 range, plus 14% for LA’s hotel tax. I tried out two cheaper options. I compared the two, but I deleted the “pros” and “cons” because who am I to judge whether these are good or bad?

Option 1 – Living in a van in the Burbank Walmart

  • Free
  • Access to bathroom and groceries
  • No kitchen (but you can buy a camping stove at Walmart)
  • People stared at me
  • At 9am the van gets too hot to sleep in
  • Get your wifi at Starbucks

Option 2 – Living at the cheapest Airbnb possible in Koreatown

  • $20 – $25 per night
  • You get a bed
  • It’s a bunkbed
  • There are 10 other people sleeping in the room with you
  • The kitchen has very few utensils and is dirty
  • You need earplugs and an eyemask because of that 10 other people thing
  • Wifi included

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