I just spent 4 days on the Pacific Crest Trail [016]

Pacific Crest Trail: Walker Pass to Kennedy Meadows, June 9 – June 12, 2017

Last week I hitched a ride to a remote campground called Walker Pass, California and started walking the PCT. I’ll do a full post on this soon, but for now I’ll give you the highlights:

  • I didn’t see a single person until Day 2
  • I went 12 miles without a water source, twice
  • Probably 90% of the hikers I met were thru-hikers (going all the way)
  • Thru-hikers tend to form friendships with other thru-hikers on a similar pace. They call this their “bubble.”
  • Thru-hikers have trail names, i.e. Piñata, Squarepants, Spiderbite
  • Most hikers put in 15-25 miles per day

Here are some pictures!

A trail register in Kennedy Meadows

A typical water source in this section

Folowing the yellow brick road

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  1. Hi Tom

    I liked the post. Very interesting and consider although because I love your writing and tone and I wanted more.

    Love mom.

    PS you can’t click like or comment on your wp site unless you can log in. Since I can never remember my wp login, then I can’t like or comment. Wondering how you can fix that since you lose so so so much traffic.

    Maybe switch to medium– that’s a writer site that gets traffic and has editors who also help with it.

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