Hitching up California’s Route 1 as we speak [020]

Two days ago my friends dropped me off in Santa Cruz and I headed out to the highway, after spending 2 hours on the wifi at a coffee place of course. On the highway, which was Highway 1 (California’s Pacific Coast Highway or PCH), I was picked up by a young Los Angeles native with a little Hawaiian hula dancer mounted on his dash. We chatted as he drove us north. He stopped at two viewpoints to get out and take pictures. At the second viewpoint, which featured a lighthouse and the name Pigeon Point and a large rock covered in pigeon poop. I saw a sign for hostel, and I spent two nights on Pigeon Point. 

Today I left Pigeon Point and hitched north up Route 1, catching a ride from a tall foreign masseuse and a lovely California broish mom who took me over the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time. Now I’m in Sausalito. Tomorrow I’ll leave for…

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