Sex, drugs, and ukulele: 16 days in Mexico [blog 033]

As I type this from the counter of the Puerto Vallarta Airport, awaiting my flight back to the states, I reflect on my two week stint in Mexico and, if I'm being honest, it mainly consisted of sex, drugs, and ukulele. I mean, I also volunteered for 25 hours/week doing reception and management of a... Continue Reading →


One day hitchhiking in Malaysia…smile!

I traveled solo to Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, but I soon met Daniella, an experienced solo female backpacker, who assured me that hitchhiking in Malaysia was not only easy and safe, but often the most efficient way to get around. The next morning, Daniella's only advice was to smile. She turned to face traffic, started walking... Continue Reading →

3 free or cheap things to do in France

Climb the highest sand dune in Europe: the¬†Dune du Pilat. Cost: Free, but camping is 15 Euro/night or so The Dune du Pilat is a massive (80-107 meters high) sand dune with a forested campground on one side and nothing but Atlantic Ocean on the other. Visit for the epic sunset or the short-but-strenuous climb... Continue Reading →

The Istanbul strip club scam

Summer, 2016 I'm going to tell you as briefly as possible about a scam that was attempted on my friend Carl and I in Istanbul, Turkey: Carl and I were walking around Taksim Square one night when two guys asked us for a light. We lit their cigarette and got to talking, and they invited... Continue Reading →

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