We went America all over Psychedelic Tree today [024]

My friend Gregg and I rock climbed at Lover’s Leap today near Taboe. We first saddled up for “Psychedelic Tree”:

The route is named for the wild finish. If you look closely, you can see two trees at the top left of this picture. Once you reach them, you have the option to shimmy up the tree to gain the second to last ledge. Gregg tried to climb the tree but decided against it and went up the rock instead. You try climbing a tree without any branches!

In the afternoon we climbed Surrealistic Pillar and on the second pitch Gregg had to downclimb when I got the rope knotted while belaying him on an awkward ledge. Sketchy.

Of course, as today is 4th of July we did all this wearing American flags and red white and blue leis. Those pictures forthcoming when I write up my California rock climbing / hiking stories. šŸ‘

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