I just got stitches in Mexico without providing any form of identification… [blog 032]

…And when, after the appointment, I told the pharmacist/doctor’s assistant that I had to run back to the hostel to grab my wallet, she asked me to leave my cell phone as collateral.

Muy tranquilo!

So yeah I needed a total of 16 stitches — 11 outside and 5 on some inner layer of tissue that can also be repaired with stitches, and my total medical bill when I walked out 25 minutes later was about 900 pesos, or $47. 

To make matters better, literally 3 blocks from the beach, no line to see the doctor, no asking for excessive information. Probably the most chill experience I’ve ever had at a doctor’s office.

Did you know? Mexico has universal healthcare.

Now, if I had been in the US and gone to the ER, I would have has a $100 deductible to pay. So yeah, Mexican health care seems great. I didn’t have to wait even a minute to see this doctor. He took a solid 20 minutes stitching me up, and after that there were a couple people waiting to see him. But still, not a bad line for noon on a Wednesday.

I probably could have paid less than $100 in the US to get stitches. Maybe my policy covers that. Maybe not.

A Mexican pharmacy advertises its product.

Bottom line is I enjoyed my medical experience in Mexico. I could barely feel those stitches going in so ya know he applied that topical anesthetic nice and proper. Loved it. Love stitches. Just wish I could swim.

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