Top 5 Unique Hostels of 2017: #4 – Pause Hostel (Caye Caulker, Belize)

This hostel has 75 CATS. They live in cathouses on the property. Enough said? Well, yes. But for those wanting more: Pause is registered as a non-profit under the name PAW (Protecting Animal Welfare) Dorm beds are $15USD/night. Your money is partly used to buy food and vaccinations. For the cats, not you. There are... Continue Reading →


All nighter drive [blog 034]

Tonight I will drive across Iowa south to north... In a big ass bandwagon. With the greatest band in the world. I will not sleep. A radio session awaits in the morning. I'm a roadie, you see. The road is my job, my work, my passion I won't ration. Now, I must put on podcasts... Continue Reading →

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