Coming soon: My POV movie of the entire Charles River – a 3 day kayak expedition through suburbia

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Weird is good. That's why i wanted to kayak down the entire Charles River. It's quite long — 78 miles from Hopkinton to Boston Harbor. I was attempting to go 63, which is kinda like a kayak ultramarathon, so naturally it took me 3 days with dozens of portages at dams and riffles. When night fell I was swarmed by angry beavers who emerged from both river banks. During the long days of solitary rowing through the suburban jungle of eastern Massachusetts, as I floated and paddled and floated and paddled and floated, I was at times lulled into a trance. I floated into tree canopy tunnels and the black river sucked me deeper and deeper into a reflection of those trees overhead. Trippy… I brought along the disposable Kodak camera that took this photo. As for the story of that trip, it is best told through film, so I made a Go-Pro style movie of the trip, coming soon. #kayakexpedition #kodak #blog #hitchhikeadelic #charlesriver #trippy #drinkthatdirtywater #lovethatdirtywater #gopro #adventureroftheyear #haha #nodaysoff

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