Todo Norte resumes! San Jorge to Nindiri, Nicaragua (todo norte 5)

Note: I just hitchhiked on mescaline all day from Nindiri up to Somoto, Nicaragua. First time hitchhiking on psychedelics. Hitchhikeadelic is now… real. And shit got real. That post will be tomorrow.

But this is part 5 of my hitchhiking trip from Panama City, Panama to… todo norte! Actually I have a wedding to attend on May 12 in California. Who knows where I´ll go after that.

Click here to read part 4, or fuck it, start at the beginning.


This is just a few … things … that happened yesterday: (not on mescaline):

I finally left El Zopilote after 6 weeks and I cried and was unable to say much as I hugged my friends goodbye.

I took the bus to the ferry. I ascended to the sunny but mostly empty top deck. I lit up a spliff and was soon sharing it with the two Nicos on top with me. Moments after wefinished the joint, a man in a military uniform emerged from the cabion door behind us. He glanced at us. He walked slowly to the center of the deck, lingering for a few minutes.

Then he left down the back stairway, but my Nico companions had grown quiet, stopped talking to me… their faces a shade more pale. Weed is a serious offense in Nicaragua. I was the only one with weed on me though. ¨No pasa nada,¨ I whispered to them.

Arriving on land (San Jorge), a young man on a motorcycle pulled aside after I walked 2 to 4 minutes out of town. Did he really want to give me a lift with my 20kg+ backpack and ukulele frontpack? On a little motorcycle. He did.  It was a strenuous 10 minutes. I had to lean forward, especially over speedbumps, to avoid falling backwards off the bike or forward crushing my ukulele.

As this motorcyclist drove, he turned at one point and yelled that he liked my hat (LA Dodgers hat, worth about $50usd new, I got for free). He continued to drive. He turned again. How much did I want for it? I considered offering it for free, but then I asked for 50 cordoba ($1.67).

We stopped in Rivas. The biker turned to me. I took off the hat, holding it out to him. He took out 50 cordobas and drove away grinning. Stupid fucking gringos. They never know the price of something.

Coincidentally, just an hour prior, I had tried to trade that hat away to one of the Nico guys atop the ferry. I wanted his red hat. Though cheaper, it had a plastic gold marijuana leaf.

The Hat Buyer drops me. I wait 4 to 6 minute wait. Picked up by electricians in a pickup truck. They took me all the way to Masaya, dropping off each other off on the way, and then it was just me and the driver, and he insisted on stopping to show me a good cheap food spot, then drove me a bit out of the city to Nindiri, where he suggested a good park to sleep in. There was a fire station on the side of it.

I hopped out, thanked him profusely, and walked around the the park wih the fire station alongside it. The park was like any other park with shade trees, benches, a small soccer court, but unique in that I was walking through a maze of 5 meter high dinosaur installations.  Seven meter high tricerotops. Trex was there. The whole gang.

I walked into the volunteer firefighter station, which was quite large for Nicaragua, with a large fire engine and a few other vehicles, and I pitched my tent for the night in a nice spot between a big truck fire engine and their workspace.

The bombero showed me the bathroom and the water tap, and I thanked him and soon went to sleep, a roof over my head, but no walls to my sides.


That was yesterday. Today I took mescaline (San Pedro) and hitchhiked. Obviously, I´m alive. Although my experience was so heart-opening… there was a lot of love shared… so yes, dangerous. Indeed! I may still die of a heart too open.

That story tomorrow.


Photo is from over a year ago in Mexico. But I´m still wearing the same yellow bandana. But yes, I know, I really need a new phone to take pictures along this trip. 

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