Todo norte 8. El Salvador to Antigua Guatemala


Props to the guy who took this photo for me.

Wow. El Salvador was the easiest, by far, country to hitchhike in that one could imagine.

I was hitching north along the Pacific coast, which is reminiscent of California’s famous Pacific Coast Highway, when suddenly, a trucker stopped, played me some sweet Salvadoreño Christian metal, and as we talked I learned I was probably going to cross the border.

Two rides later an insane, insane, trucker dropped me at the border with Guatemala. He talked constantly in an accent that was possibly a slur. From what I could make out, he was talking about strength of both the mind and body. He patted his arm several times I think emphasizng his physical strength, and then tapped his temple for mind. He held out his hand as if for a handshake, and when I shook it he squeezed hard and jerked my hand toward him. (Yes, like Donald Trump used to do).

Breezy entrance to Guate where I crossed the border and got a ride from a family who dropped me off and gifted me a melon. I hitched further, sunlight dimming, and I was dropped at a construction site, where the driver introduced me briefly to some construction workers… Who I shared the melon with, and who invited me to camp behind a nearby church, in front of this beautiful lake:

We hung out behind the church and spoke about migrating and working in the USA. It was a tearful goodbye when they left. We all agreed that the political situation between USA and Central Americans is…sad.

I left in the morning and by chance received rides to Antigua, the famous colonial town. The volcano, Fuego, erupts or burps sporadically, echoing over rooftops like canonfire.

But I must continue! The wedding is in 3 weeks. I am about 6,000km away.

Yogis practice zeal for yoga, just like the practices of honesty or non-harm.

I am full of zeal for life.

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