I’m almost in Mexico (todo norte 9)

This morning I did yoga on cement roof looking out at Lake Atitlán and pine trees and melting as the cool air was killed by the rising sun.

So many nice conversations on all my rides today. Also got involved in a soccer match along the road in Guatemala.

2.5 weeks to California, where I’ll attend a dope wedding. I have a long way to go.

I’ve been dwelling, taking my time hitching these last few days, night in Antigua, a night in Atitlán (San Marcos), and tonight I slothed my way from Atitlán to San Marcus (the other San Marcus, closer to Mexico border.

Trying to keep this updated typing on a phone, struggling to type, will save some details for now. But photos though:

Man and dog outside San Marcus, La Laguna

Learned some Thai massage on the hostel roof. Shoutout Pachamama

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