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I am traveling the world on a shoestring budget and telling you my best stories. The difference is this: I am telling my stories honestly and transparently. I leave out the boring stuff, but I include all the interesting, and the ugly — my vices, my close encounters, etc.

I hitchhike, climb rocks, do yoga, do drugs, have sex with women. I do all this for me. But I write this blog to inspire YOU to do the same, or to follow YOUR dreams.

Obviously, part of the blog is dedicated to drugs, because, for better or worse, this is part of my life — sometimes my struggle, sometimes my triumph. I include the drug part for another reason beyond transparency: the USA has a bullshit war on drugs that is profit-driven, that is intertwined with the war on Central America and the War on the Middle East. This is a war that will one day be known simply as World War III.

I have no problem with anyone outside the US government. It is the US government who are the wolves, the pigs, the douchebags. If something happens to me as a result of my honesty about breaking the law, I am prepared to accept the consequences, for I only break laws that are complete bullshit.


If you love the blog and want to support it, please share it. You can also Venmo me: @Tom-Mayell. Trust me, that is my Venmo handle. I will receive the money. It’s quite simple.

I don’t need the money. I don’t need any money. But your money will go a long way. Probably into my pocket and out into the pockets of a woman selling enchiladas to support her family.

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