Skinny dipping in Vietnam

[Note 5/3/2018: I am still hitching north from Panama but I have now have a story in Mexico I do not want to tell until I leave Mexico, for reasons that will become obvious. Also, I have decided to fly from Mexico City to California to ensure I arrive at a May 12 wedding on time, and... Continue Reading →

One day hitchhiking in Malaysia…smile!

I traveled solo to Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, but I soon met Daniella, an experienced solo female backpacker, who assured me that hitchhiking in Malaysia was not only easy and safe, but often the most efficient way to get around. The next morning, Daniella's only advice was to smile. She turned to face traffic, started walking... Continue Reading →

A 48 hour wedding in rural Laos

Occurred: April, 2016 Southeast Asia is backpacker paradise. Cheap, tropical, and full of surprises. I went there for my first solo backpacking trip, and one night a young Laotian bartender invited me to his sister's wedding. It was wonderful and eye-opening. After the weekend's festivities, I emailed my family to tell the story. Here is... Continue Reading →

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