Getting to Mordor: Part III of the Nicaragua volcano saga

Click here to read Part 1, and Part 2 *** March, 2018. Ometepe, Nicaragua. Shit hit the fan real quick when Diego and I showed up to hike Concepción, the behemoth, the impossibly symmetrical cone rising above the island of Ometepe. We hiked to the park entrance, and shit hit the fan. They wanted $2 entrance... Continue Reading →

Volcanoes of Ometepe Part 2 – Lost and found on muddy Maderas

Volcán Maderas - II Having already hiked Maderas solo, I later met two beautiful women, a Bolivian and a German, at the nearby hostel, El Pital (the Chocolate Factory), and I offered to guide them up the Volcán. It proved more adventurous than expected. The next day we set off from the Madrugaba Farm entrance. A... Continue Reading →

The 7 best hikes of Boquete, Panama

1. Baru Volcano - all about the view Not Easy 27 km roundtrip Entrance: $5 Let's start with the big one. At 3,475 meters, Volcan Baru is the highest elevation in Panama. From the Boquete side, the hike is not technically difficult - in fact, there is a dirt/rock road leading all the way to the top.... Continue Reading →

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