Video: 42 minutes of a Los Angeles sunrise hike compressed to 42 seconds [daily blog 9]

On May 20, 2017, I hiked Wildwood Canyon and took a photo every 60 seconds until I reached the top. By the time I summited, I had 42 photos of 42 minutes of sunrise, which I made into a 42 second video. Wildwood Canyon Park is a quick and steep hike in Burbank, CA that affords a view of... Continue Reading →

Hitching Cali’s scenic Route 1: the Pacific Coast Highway

Occurred: November, 2016 Ever seen a car commercial and thought, "Wow, where is that filmed?" Where is that coastal highway slicing through redwoods, that iconic bridge with waves frothing below... That was probably filmed on California's Route 1. Let's hitchhike it! Day 1 OK. I'm in San Francisco visiting friends, but I need to get... Continue Reading →

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