5 countries in 1 day

I've been on tour with Slothrust in Europe for the last week, and so yesterday I set a personal record when we passed through 5 countries in 1 day. The countries, in order, were England (UK), France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany. The highlight was the ferry crossing from Dover, England to Calais, France. We drove... Continue Reading →

When hitchhiking goes wrong [026]

If you've ever been to Las Vegas, you're probably familiar with the feeling of desperately wanting to get out of Las Vegas. And if you left Las Vegas and drove west towards LA, you'd soon pass through the last town in Nevada, a place known to the locals as "Stateline." This is the small city... Continue Reading →

Being a roadie [012]

If you want to get paid to travel, and you're not into the travel blogger thing, being a roadie for a band is probably the next best thing. I'm writing this post backstage at a rock and roll concert, and I fully realize how lucky I am to be saying that. I was in Guatemala... Continue Reading →

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