I just got stitches in Mexico without providing any form of identification… [blog 032]

...And when, after the appointment, I told the pharmacist/doctor's assistant that I had to run back to the hostel to grab my wallet, she asked me to leave my cell phone as collateral. Muy tranquilo! So yeah I needed a total of 16 stitches -- 11 outside and 5 on some inner layer of tissue... Continue Reading →

The Istanbul strip club scam

Summer, 2016 I'm going to tell you as briefly as possible about a scam that was attempted on my friend Carl and I in Istanbul, Turkey: Carl and I were walking around Taksim Square one night when two guys asked us for a light. We lit their cigarette and got to talking, and they invited... Continue Reading →

Hitchhiking to Yosemite, Part 1 [028]

Two weeks ago, my friend and rock climbing buddy dropped me off in the town of Placerville, CA. It was about 5pm. My goal was to hitchhike to Yosemite National Park, 120 miles away. After hitting a grocery store in Placerville, I initially struggled to find a ride out. My softer side wanted to give... Continue Reading →

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