When hitchhiking goes wrong [026]

If you've ever been to Las Vegas, you're probably familiar with the feeling of desperately wanting to get out of Las Vegas. And if you left Las Vegas and drove west towards LA, you'd soon pass through the last town in Nevada, a place known to the locals as "Stateline." This is the small city... Continue Reading →

5 must-do California activities for a climber / backpacker / dirtbag [025]

1. Tahoe - I just got back from Tahoe today, where the rock climbing is legendary. Lover's Leap is a rock formation with dozens of routes, a nearby campground, and free roadside camping just a quarter-mile west of Lover's Leap (on Strawberry Creek Rd). There are great easier routes for beginners like myself (i.e. 5.7-5.8).... Continue Reading →

A 48 hour wedding in rural Laos

Occurred: April, 2016 Southeast Asia is backpacker paradise. Cheap, tropical, and full of surprises. I went there for my first solo backpacking trip, and one night a young Laotian bartender invited me to his sister's wedding. It was wonderful and eye-opening. After the weekend's festivities, I emailed my family to tell the story. Here is... Continue Reading →

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