Hitching Cali’s scenic Route 1: the Pacific Coast Highway

Occurred: November, 2016 Ever seen a car commercial and thought, "Wow, where is that filmed?" Where is that coastal highway slicing through redwoods, that iconic bridge with waves frothing below... That was probably filmed on California's Route 1. Let's hitchhike it! Day 1 OK. I'm in San Francisco visiting friends, but I need to get... Continue Reading →

How I hitchhiked from St. Louis to Los Angeles: 2000 miles in 6 days

Summary: In October 2016, I hitchhiked about 2000 miles from Springfield, MO to Los Angeles, California. It took 6 days and 11 rides. The following account focuses on the characters I met and the stories I have from this trip. Stay tuned for a more practical how-to-guide to hitchhiking. On Monday October 24th, 2016, I checked... Continue Reading →

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