¡Todo norte – Hitching Panama to Alaska! Part 1: Panama City to Tamarindo, Costa Rica

¡Todo norte! Or... California, at least. I just hitched from Panama City to Tamarindo, Costa Rica for three days. My hitching partner, a Canadian named Cat who just quit her job to travel Central America, likes to tell people with a wicked smile that we are going all the way to Alaska. And we might!... Continue Reading →

How to survive a day in Tunisia (Hint: It’s not that hard) [blog 2]

When I set off on my first solo backpacking trip, my mom was worried. She wanted me to check in every day. And I understood. I was on the other side of the world in a country - Malaysia - that most people probably think is just full of textile factories and poppy fields. But after a few... Continue Reading →

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