Todo Norte resumes! San Jorge to Nindiri, Nicaragua (todo norte 5)

Note: I just hitchhiked on mescaline all day from Nindiri up to Somoto, Nicaragua. First time hitchhiking on psychedelics. Hitchhikeadelic is now... real. And shit got real. That post will be tomorrow. But this is part 5 of my hitchhiking trip from Panama City, Panama to... todo norte! Actually I have a wedding to attend... Continue Reading →

Yoga. Drugs. Unrequited lust: the day in the life of a volunteer yoga teacher on Ometepe island, Nicaragua

[Note: I'm leaving in a couple days to continue my hitchhike journey north to California. I have four weeks to reach Santa Cruz, which is estimated at 80 hours driving hours.] Time stood still for the last 5 weeks. Here on the 2-volcano island of Ometepe, in a lake, in Nicaragua. Levels to this shit.... Continue Reading →

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