Hitchhiking 4 days in Spain: Truck stop camping and Europe’s one true hot desert

I slumbered with the Mac trucks. I got schooled in Spanish. I took so many selfies with strangers that I experienced selfie-loathing. This is my trip report. When - August, 2016 Where - Valencia to Malaga Time - 4 days Distance - ~ 500 miles (800km) Word on the street is that Spain is a tough place to hitchhike, relative to the rest... Continue Reading →

Switzerland on Shrooms

Occurred: July 2016 It's now harder to buy magic mushrooms in Amsterdam, but foreigners are still welcome to buy truffles, a different type of fungus that contains the same hallucinogen as magic mushrooms: psilocybin.  Backpacking through Europe in July, 2016, I found myself alone in Switzerland with a bag full of truffles, and I decided to take the train from... Continue Reading →

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