¡Todo norte – Hitching Panama to Alaska! Part 4: now I’m a yoga teacher

I've said it before: things are getting WEIRD ever since I went phoneless. The first few days were hectic. This was a month ago. I left Boquete to find my friends in the jungle of Limones, and, because I rely on my phone for everything, I was unable to find them for a full 24... Continue Reading →

5 Things I learned hitchhiking in Panama

1. Boquete is the best place to hitchhike In my 5 weeks in Boquete, I hitchhiked maybe 7 times, and 5 of those rides were from American expats. And I only had to wait 5 minutes, on average, to get a ride. No doubt, I benefited from my whiteness and the eagerness of these expats to... Continue Reading →

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