¡Todo norte – Hitching Panama to Alaska! Part 3: Peñas Blancas, Nicaragua to Ometepe

A note on photos... my phone is broken, so I have no photos of Nicaragua, but I will acquire them when possible. Still, an article needs a featured photo. Gotta draw people in. So for now, please accept this sexy photo of me and a cool dog admiring the balsamic rock of Boquete, Panama. And... Continue Reading →

Work exchange in Tunisia – A day in the life [blog 4]

Meow that's what I call music! Ahem. Ok, today was my first day of work exchange in Tunisia. I'm working with a host couple who raises chickens (and a few other plants and animals) on their property. Today was pretty chill. Interesting things of note: I did about 75 minutes of work. My previous Workaways have often... Continue Reading →

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