Getting to Mordor: Part III of the Nicaragua volcano saga

Click here to read¬†Part 1, and Part 2 *** March, 2018. Ometepe, Nicaragua. Shit hit the fan real quick when Diego and I showed up to hike Concepci√≥n, the behemoth, the impossibly symmetrical cone rising above the island of Ometepe. We hiked to the park entrance, and shit hit the fan. They wanted $2 entrance... Continue Reading →

Hitching paradise: 1 day in Ometepe, Nicaragua

Hitchhiking Ometepe is a dream. It is an island with two volcanoes and a long, circular road around each volcano. So you always have a view of a volcano, or the beach, or both volcanoes and the beach. Two days ago I left my hostel/farm (Zopilote) around 10am and started walking towards the ATM. I... Continue Reading →

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